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Photos shown are from Transamerican Manufacturing Group's 200' x 50' booth at SEMA featuring eight brands and four vehicles. The project covered three months and nearly 600 individual pieces that were signed off: booth graphics, vehicle wrap design, wall displays, rolling T-displays, video, print and digital materials, catalogs, sales presentations and promotional giveaways.

In addition to directing the project's production with designers and event coordinators, Joy was also involved in all other aspects of logistics, including budgeting, finding vendors, invoicing, reporting and delivery.


Day-to-day management

  • Supervises department’s staff of designers and coordinates production with Web, Retail, R&D, Web/Social Media, Sales and Wholesale

  • Controls department’s workflow using project management software (WRIKE)

Production schedules 

  • Creates simultaneous production plans for advertising, catalogs, events, social media, web, merchandising and promotions 

  • Develops short- and long-term schedules to ensure completion of all projects across nine brands; identifies and resolves any potential scheduling conflicts 


  • Determines product selling points, data, pricing and scheduling by liaising with New Products and R&D Departments; writes/edits copy for packaging, advertising and sales 

  • Meets with printers and vendors to develop new merchandising concepts 

  • Ensures all projects are ready to start with approved assets, timelines and budgets 

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