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With years of design experience under her belt, Joy is currently overseeing the art direction of nine brands under the Transamerican Manufacturing Group (TMG) umbrella. Her duties include directing the creation and progress of all design projects from start to completion. She advises/corrects designers when necessary and encourages creativity while ensuring that everyone stay within the branding standards and deadlines. She signs off on all projects for design, accuracy, specs and stakeholder requirements; ensures projects are delivered to printer/vendor; checks proofs; and oversees purchase orders and invoicing to close out tasks. 



Because of the many-faceted requirements of the Marketing design team (print, web, packaging, 

photography, social media, video, etc) and her own exacting standards, Joy vets, hires and trains her own team of designers. Her duties include:

  • Writing, updating and implementing the department Rule Book (Best Practices), brand Style Guides and industry- and company-specific glossary

  • Developing/maintaining department standards in behavior and performance; championing staff or administering discipline, if necessary; conducting, writing and reporting bi-annual performance reviews

  • Vetting job applicants in all phases: reviewing resumes, conducting phone and live interviews and skills testing

  • Training junior/intermediate designers on aspects beyond basic design: concepts, messaging, targeting audiences, strategies and workflow efficiency

  • Advising and brainstorming with senior designers for optimum results

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