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Over the years I have been given numerous nicknames from my co-workers: "The Professor"...  "The Fixer"... "The System".  I received the latter tag when designers on my team were asked about the system behind their productivity. They would simply point to me and say, "That's the system." 

With a background in design, writing, advertising, photography and teaching, combined with OCD-like organizational skills, I am an on-the-ground leader who can cover all aspects of a design/marketing team: I oversee creatives, develop workflow structure, ensure accountability, hire and train talent and make sure all operations run smoothly.  

In 2018 I expanded my skill set by building a new Communications department, which oversaw external media and internal comms for all divisions: retail, events, promotions, corporate, motorsports and new product launches.

I am a fourth-generation Californian with a rescued border collie-husky named Astro. Among the odder things I've done is wander through the De-Militarized Zone, seen games in a dozen NHL stadiums, ride my road bike across the UK, go on tour with a punk rock band, and get trapped by a Boston snowstorm with James Worthy's purloined sneakers.

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